[00:11] Hi guys, it's Jacqueline Gould or most of you probably know me as Jacq at this point. There was a period of my life where I went by Jaxs Gould, but I spelled it J-a-x-s which when you sound that out it sounds like Jax's, which made me sound plural and I'm a lot for sure, but there's definitely just one of me. Anyways, welcome to Set That B*tch Free: The Your Inner Babe podcast where I, your host, which sounds behind official, will facilitate raw and real conversations about body image and self worth in hope's that they'll shift your mindset from self doubt to self love.

[00:48] So first things first, let's do a little bit about me. I battled eating disorders and a lack of self love. All throughout my younger life. I was constantly self conscious and discouraged and really even ashamed of who I was. I kept comparing my life to others. I was stuck in believing that my confidence would come when I just changed the way that I looked, but I couldn't have been more wrong. It wasn't until my junior year of college that I'd said enough was enough. And I decided to take my life back. I put an end to my self-doubt. I kicked my inner critic to the curb and I never ever looked back.

[01:27] I was also a performer growing up and I dreamed of being on Broadway, but I let my inability to believe in myself drive that ship and not for lack of talent, but I ended up walking away. So let's fast forward a bit. I tried on a few other career paths for size. I thought I might want to be a talent agent, but that was way too corporate. I curve models, which was so much fun, but also not it.

[01:52]  I really just wanted to inspire self-acceptance. It was important to me; I wanted to really change the way that women of all ages felt about themselves inside and out. So I set out on a mission to help transform mindsets around self-worth. I became a mentality coach, a self-worth enthusiast, and the founder of Your Inner Babe, which is a coaching company that defines the difference between continuing to feel alone and feeling supported. Together, clients and I kick the inner drama out so that we can clear the way to unrestrained acceptance.

[02:23] So I've slowly built an extremely loyal little Instagram following. I love you guys so much, but I'm still craving that bigger reach. That's where this podcast comes in. So I can't promise that the language on here will be clean. If anything, I'll guarantee you the opposite. But what I can promise is that these episodes will help remind you that you're so not alone. My ultimate goal is to reach as many of you as I can and really change the way that you see yourself every single day. Because I truly believe that we all have that inner babe inside of us. We just have to find her, ignite her, and then set that b*tch free.

Jacqueline Gould is a self-worth enthusiast, wellness addict and founder of Your Inner Babe™.

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