The Social Media Effect with Tiffany Louise


In this week’s inner-view, Jacq and Tiffany Louise, professional coach, speaker, and author, dive into finding your ‘why’ and believing you deserve it, the shadow side of wedding planning bliss, and managing the highlight reel of ‘not enough’ when sharing your life online.

This week Jacq talks with professional coach, brilliant speaker, and recent author Tiffany Louise. In this ‘inner-view’ episode, Jacq and Tiffany dive into finding your ‘why’ and then believing you deserve it, the shadow side of wedding planning bliss, and managing the highlight reel of ‘not enough’ when sharing your life online.  

  • [00:37] - Tiffany’s new book - This Year I Will...

  • [02:08] - Figuring out your ‘why’ and then knowing you deserve it!

  • [05:15] - A day-in-the-life of Tiffany Louise

  • [07:57] - Cooking as self-care

  • [09:13] - What's going well?

  • [11:57] - Bursting the wedding planning bubble

  • [15:38] - Did you imagine your life would look like it does now?

  • [17:56] - Staying positive and present with yourself while sharing your life on social media 

  • [23:31] - Managing the highlight reel of ‘not enough’ when Instagram is part of your work

  • [29:22] - What does it mean to be truly confident in yourself and can it be learned?

  • [32:47] - The gift of increased confidence with getting older

  • [34:27] - Three lifestyle changes to maintain body confidence

  • [37:42] - The biggest sacrifice along the  journey to success

  • [39:22] - Getting more of what you focus on; choose wisely

  • [43:28] - Getting Real:

    • [44:10] - Describe the feeling of being in love with yourself in one word?

    • [44:23] - What’s the title you’d give this chapter of your life? 

    • [45:03] - Is there anything you're still trying to prove? 

    • [45:37] - What's something you take for granted? 

    • [46:50] - What are three things that you absolutely love about yourself? 

    • [47:45] - Who is your inner babe? 

Tiffany Louise, a professional coach, speaker, author and licensed clinical social worker, LCSW. Tiffany’s passion and life's work is to support others in creating their healthiest, happiest, and most spiritually connected lives.

Jacqueline Gould is a self-worth enthusiast, wellness addict and founder of Your Inner Babe™.

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