Starve Your Ego, Feed Your Passions with Alex Snodgrass from The Defined Dish


Today Jacq is joined by the deliciously Defined Dish herself, Alex Snodgrass. Alex has dedicated the last few years to creating The Defined Dish, a media empire dedicated to creating dishes that are healthy, Whole30 and, of course, delicious!

Jacq and Alex talk about everything that goes into developing a recipe, how she maintains a balance between motherhood and blogging as well how to fall in love with Sichuan cooking even in the heart of Texas.

  • [01:23] - What's going well today 

  • [02:43] - Did you imagine your life would look like it does now? 

  • [04:15] - A day-in-the-life of Alex 

  • [05:44] - What goes into developing a recipe 

  • [08:13] - Getting into food?

  • [10:37] - How picking a favorite recipe is like choosing between children 

  • [11:25] - Must-have kitchen items 

  • [12:33] - Transforming traditional recipes into healthier options 

  • [14:02] - Balancing motherhood and blogging 

  • [16:06] - Bringing her girls into the kitchen 

  • [17:30] -  The draw of Sichuan cuisine! 

  • [18:30] - Jumping into the social media game: How the Defined Dish got started 

  • [21:02] - Advice for your younger self 

  • [23:32] - Setting boundaries around social media sharing 

  • [25:12] - Where do you draw inspiration from? 

  • [26:25] - Social media hi-lo: biggest high and biggest frustration 

  • [28:38] - What does it mean to be truly confident 

  • [31:16] - Maintaining a healthy mentality around personal and body confidence

  • [32:56] - Reflections on self-acceptance 

  • [36:11] - What is takes to prioritize yourself 

  • [37:07] - Biggest sacrifice along the way 

  • [38:10] - Getting Real: 

    • [38:40] - Describe the feeling of being in love with yourself in one word?

    • [38:47] - What title would you give this chapter of your life? 

    • [39:14] - Is there anything you're still trying to prove? 

    • [39:27] - What's something you take for granted? 

    • [40:02] - What are three things that you absolutely love about yourself?

    • [41:51] - What’s something that really gets you excited? 

    • [42:26] - Who is your inner babe? 

Alex Snodgrass is a wife, mother and renowned recipe developer. You can find all of her mouth-watering recipes at The Defined Dish. Stay up to date with her dishes on Instagram and Pinterest.

Jacqueline Gould is a self-worth enthusiast, wellness addict and founder of Your Inner Babe™. Follow her on Instagram where  you can always find her latest posts on increasing your self worth, conducting mindful introspection and finding that inner confidence that everyone has inside them.

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