Instagram vs. Reality with Morgan Raphael


What’s a day in the life of Morgan Raphael. Based on her Instagram, it must be amazing right? Well, yes and no...and yes. Today, Jacq is joined by the Undone Bun herself to talk about social media and the difference between Instagram and reality. Morgan takes you through how she shifted from negativity to positivity, how to spark joy and what it means to truly be confident.

You’re not going to want to miss this raw and real conversation one of my favorite babes, Morgan Raphael.

  • [00:52] - A day-in-the-life of Morgan

  • [05:42] - What's going well today

  • [08:31]  - Did you imagine your life would look like it does now?

  • [10:33]  - Starting the path to wellness and jumping into social media

  • [14:14] - Where do you draw inspiration from?

  • [16:38]  - Frustrations with social media

  • [18:37]  - Using your platform to spark joy

  • [20:11] - Some tips to shift from positivity to negativity

  • [22:16]  - Setting boundaries around social media sharing

  • [25:49] - What it means to be truly confident

  • [27:19] - Pinpointing the shift to becoming unapologetically Morgan

  • [27:54] - Lifestyle choices for maintaining body confidence

  • [30:17]  - The importance of exercising your mind

  • [33:41] - What is takes to prioritize yourself

  • [34:35] - Biggest sacrifice along the way

  • Getting Real:

    • [36:21] - Describe the feeling of being in love with yourself in one word?

    • [37:29]  - What title would you give this chapter of your life?

    • [38:02]  - Is there anything you are still trying to prove?

    • [38:59]  - What is something you take for granted?

    • [39:47]  - What are three things that you love about yourself?

    • [40:48] - Who is your inner babe?

Morgan Raphael is committed to health, wellness, positive inspiration and realness. She’s the founder and author of Bun Undone, a health, wellness and fitness blog looking to inspire when life gets messy. You can find her on Instagram where she tries to help inspire confidence during your individual wellness journey.

Jacqueline Gould is a self-worth enthusiast, wellness addict and founder of Your Inner Babe. Follow her on Instagram where  you can always find her latest posts on increasing your self worth, conducting mindful introspection and finding that inner confidence that everyone has inside them.

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