Food Freedom & True Confidence with Monique Volz from Ambitious Kitchen


Have you ever looked at your phone and thought, just for a second, that you might actually take a bite out of it because of what’s on your screen? That’s how you’ll feel when you look at the photos from this week's guest, Monique Volz. Monique runs the Ambitious Kitchen empire and is one serious Babe. She’s a creator, a survivor, a chef, and about to be a mama!

Find out more about how Monique approaches her life, business, and her family with confidence, transparency and love. 

[00:40] - Welcoming Monique Volz - inspiring in and out of the kitchen

[02:27] - What's going well - summer, new website, kitchen renovation

[04:10] - A day in the life

[05:27] - Monique’s Love of music - can't get anything done without music, especially Mariah Carey

[07:52] - Recipe development process

[10:15] - Drooling over banana bread brownie recipe

[10:45] - How'd you get into cooking; when did you step into a kitchen and know it was a part of you?

[12:21] - Millie the cat

[13:39] - Balancing Ambitious Kitchen, home, and relationships.

[15:19] - Did you always know you'd open yourself up on social media as you have?

[16:59] - Showing that you can indulge and that restriction isn't necessary with food - feeling comfortable with food

[18:17] - What was your journey like with food?

[21:10] - How would you define food freedom?

[22:36] - Do you find it hard to stay positive and present while sharing your life on IG

[24:13] - How do you set boundaries around what to share or not?

[26:00] - A Baby?!?!

[28:05] - Do you see pregnancy affecting your mindset as someone who struggled with body image previously?

[31:07] - Therapy is god's gift - should be required like an annual checkup

[32:04] - How do you honor your personal hunger, what are you currently hungry for and what is keeping you full?

[33:12] - Where do you draw inspiration from?

[34:26] - Was Chicago a part of your plan?

[36:12] - What does it mean to you to be truly confident in yourself - is it something you can learn?

[37:19] - Where within your accomplishments do you feel most confident?

[38:10] - What would you have told your younger self about the importance of being proud of what makes you you?

[39:17] - Any tips on how to quiet your inner critic?

[40:41] - What things do you for yourself when you're feeling low?

[43:37] - How do you prioritize yourself?

[44:26] - Biggest sacrifice along the way to success?

[45:11] - Digger deeper Questions

[45:50] - Feeling of being in love with yourself

[46:03] - What title would you give this chapter?

[46:11] - What are you better at than most people you know?

[46:21] - What gets you really excited?

[46:47] - What's a weakness that amplifies one of your strengths?

[47:15] - Is there anything you're still trying to prove?

[47:55] - 3 things you absolutely love about yourself?

[48:29] - How would you define your inner babe?

Monique Volz is the voice behind the blog Ambitious Kitchen, a blog focused on beautiful, creative recipes and feel good inspiration. You can find more about Monique at the Ambitious Kitchen blog or over at her hunger-inducing Instagram account and over on Twitter.

Jacqueline Gould is a self-worth enthusiast, wellness addict and founder of Your Inner Babe. Follow her on Instagram where you can always find her latest posts on increasing your self-worth, conducting mindful introspection and finding that inner confidence that everyone has inside them.

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