Just Jacq Edition No. 2


In this second Just Jacq Edition of Set That B*tch Free, Jacq goes off script and opens up about her upcoming week-long off-the-grid personal growth retreat. She shares her excitement about continuing “the work” as well as her fears of surrendering control.

  • [01:38] Meeting myself where I’m at

  • [02:29] Practicing what I preach by going off-the-grid

  • [03:28] The Hoffman Process

  • [05:00] You don’t have to be in crisis to want to know yourself more

  • [06:48] Clearing the Clutter

  • [09:39] The day you realized you’ve been using made up words

  • [10:36] Ritual of Setting Anchors

  • [13:39] Embarking on the hardest journey

Jacqueline Gould is a self-worth enthusiast, wellness addict and founder of Your Inner Babe. Follow her on Instagram where  you can always find her latest posts on increasing your self worth, conducting mindful introspection and finding that inner confidence that everyone has inside them.

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Episode produced by Dante32.