Accountability: Your greatest A$$est with Holly Keskey-Koester


Once you become a mom, everything in your identity gets defined and redefined through that lens right? Well not so much. Our guest today, Holly Keskey-Koester, completely flips that around and proves that we’re babes, first and foremost, and we can be whatever else we want to be. Holly is a fitness instructor, motivational enthusiast and, yes, a mom.  

Jacq and Holly talk about what influence dancing and Broadway had on her life, balancing a healthy mind and body and what effects pregnancy had on her, mentally and physically. 

Holly is an amazing example that proves your inner babe is complex, multi-dimensional and one hell of a force to be reckoned with.

  • [01:22] - What's going well today?

  • [05:33] - A day-in-the-life of Holly

  • [09:01] - Art & Pastries

  • [11:54] - Do you think your son will be a performer like you?

  • [13:09] - Growing up, did you imagine your life would look like it does now?  

  • [16:42] - Does your interest in Broadway influence the music you pick for your classes?

  • [18:24] - Do you have a favorite body part to work out?

  • [20:35] - What was the battle with yourself when it came to being a dancer?

  • [25:28] - How do you find balance for a healthy mind & body?

  • [30:37] - How did pregnancy affect you mentally and physically?

  • [37:27] - What does accountability mean to you?

  • [43:24] - What does it mean to be truly confident?

  • [51:46] - Within all of your accomplishments do you feel most confident about being a mom?

  • [54:23] - What are some things you do when your confidence is low?

  • Getting Real:

    • [57:04] - Describe the feeling of being in love with yourself in one word

    • [57:24] - What title would you give this chapter of your life?

    • [57:34] - What really gets you excited?

    • [57:47] - Is there a weakness you'd actively like to improve upon?

    • [57:56] - What is something you take for granted?

    • [58:11] - What are three things that you love about yourself?

    • [58:43] - Who is your inner babe?

Holly Keskey-Koester is a mom, a fitness instructor and Lululemon ambassador. You can check out her inspiring and motivational posts over on Instagram.

Jacqueline Gould is a self-worth enthusiast, wellness addict and founder of Your Inner Babe. Follow her on Instagram where  you can always find her latest posts on increasing your self worth, conducting mindful introspection and finding that inner confidence that everyone has inside them.

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