Growing up, I NEVER would consider myself a morning person. I was a night owl to the extreme (2am was my standard bedtime all throughout college). I would get up as late as I could push it, skip breakfast, rush to class and not feel settled the entire day. 

One of the best gifts I ever gave to myself was creating my morning ritual. It wakes up my mind, sets me up for my day and allows me to avoid that horrendous cloudy mental fatigue feeling. Not having to think about that first hour and a half of my day is liberating. No decisions, no "should" or "should nots," It’s just simply what I do. 

7:00AM- Wake up and meditate & breathe

Typically I am at the gym by 9AM every day. Waking up two hours before my workout gives me the perfect amount of time to get everything done and not feel rushed. Once my alarm goes off, I lie in bed and focus on my breathing. I have found that the 5-5-7 technique works amazing to level me out. In a comfortable position with my eyes closed, I inhale in for 5, hold for 5, and exhale for 7. I repeat this 10x (about 2-3 minutes of work ONLY!) and immediately feel like I am tuned into a heightened awareness. I call it the, “2 Minutes to Relaxation” and the best part about it is you can do it anywhere at anytime!

7:15AM- But first, lemon water and To-Do’s

I love drinking my warm water, ACV and lemon from my Yeti Thermos Cup, first thing in the morning. Something about that warm beverage gets me moving. I also love a good “To-Do List.” I take my warm mug and my journal and I sit either on my couch or at my kitchen counter and write it all out. The act of actually writing out the list, instead of typing it on my phone, really gets it into my mind and body. I set realistic expectations for the day, so that I am not overwhelmed or disappointed if things don’t get done. This part of my routine is my “ME” time and by now, I am famished! So on to my favorite part of my morning…


Once I developed a morning routine, I fell in LOVE with breakfast. I make pretty much the same meal every single day, which consists of my Total Babe Coffee Tonic and a piece of Avocado Toast (with a turmeric poached egg and tomato). I seriously can whip this baby up in less than 10 minutes. It is that easy! I seriously miss this breakfast when I am out of town. I look forward to it, which sounds insane, but it fills me up and gives me the energy I need to get my ass to the gym. Ugh…now I want avocado toast again!

I take my time to eat slowly, check emails and spend time with Daniel. For years I felt ashamed and guilty for not having a morning routine. Once I took a step back and was able to be honest about what was stopping me from reaching my goals, I realized that the answer was to start focusing on everything that I WAS, not everything that I WASN’T. A morning routine gives me the chance to figure out what I need to do each day to continue reaching my goals and motivates me into a sustainable plan of action. I truly cannot imagine my life without one anymore.

How you begin your morning really sets the tone that you carry with you for the rest of the day.
Here are 5 tips on how to become a morning person…



I know this sounds like the most obvious tip, but setting an alarm that wakes you up at the same exact time every single day, will help your brain know that it is time to get going!


Let your alarm go off and let your mind wake up before you cloud it with emails, texts and Instagram. (I know this is hard, but you can do it!)


If you don’t have one yet, indulge yourself in a YETI Thermos Cup. Fill it with hot water, ACV and lemon and place it next to your bed before you go to sleep. When your alarm goes off, sit up, plant your feet flat on the floor and start drinking it slowly. Try and engage your senses as you drink it. Smell it, enjoy the visual aesthetics of it, and savor the flavors.


Try my “2 Minutes to Relaxation!” It is the least intimidating. It’s just breathing! You inhale for 5, hold your breath for 5, and then exhale for 7. As you continue this conscious breathing and steady rhythm, scan you senses. The scent of the air in your nose, the colors that you see when your eyes are closed, the feeling of your back on your mattress or your feet firmly planted on your bedroom floor. It will feel great!


Try writing down realistic goals for your day. Maybe if the weather is nice, one of your goals could be to take a walk outside during your lunch break, or maybe your goal is to drink one less cup of coffee at your desk. No matter what the goal is, let it be achievable. It is the little things we achieve each day, that motivate us to keep going!


I would LOVE to hear about the steps you all are taking to develop your morning rituals! And, if you already have them, please share yours with me!

So excited for you BABES! You may just see that a new morning routine can shift your entire life….